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About Tactical Assassin 2

In this sniper game you are a trained assassin who travels to different locations around the world to take down targets, which are ranging from politicians to militia. Your mission is to complete these as quickly as possible as the faster you complete the objective the higher your points and money bonus. There are lots of different types of sniper rifles to purchase and upgrade. As you progress you will need to puzzle out the best way to take out your targets. Should you fail a mission there are input codes so you won’t need to worry about starting at the beginning. There are 9 levels in all.

Tactical Assassin 2 Instructions

Use the mouse to aim at and shoot your targets.

Hints and Tips
Make sure you read the briefing so you know who to take down.
There is a $50 penalty for every failure.
Take your time when there isn't a timer.
Remember the level code. It is situated at the top right of the briefing screen before the level begins.
Remember to purchase ammo and equip weapons before starting a level.