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About Desert Sniper

In this shooting game you are a rifleman in the desert somewhere in the Middle East. You are defending your fort against raids of enemy troops. You can use many sorts of weapons, from shotguns to sniper rifles. In every mission you encounter you will get different enemies to kill but you will also have more credits to spend on ammunition. Every day you will have 90 seconds to kill a raid of enemies who are trying to get hold of your base. Further, you are able to use land mines to destroy your enemy.

Hints and Tips
The best way to defend your keep is to position land mines carefully and effectively, as the more troops you kill the more points you get.
Try aiming for the head or neck.

Desert Sniper Instructions

Shooting: Click the left mouse button
Reload: Press “R” on keyboard or move your mouse down
Hiding: Move your mouse down
Change Gun: Move your mouse down
Explode Mine: Press numbers 1-3 or click on the icon